Fred Schiller and his amazing double-standards!

Okay, so I brush my teeth before going to the dentist. Bathe before seeing the doctor. Organize my demons before heading to therapy. I even vacuum the carpeting before the steam cleaners show up. These things I do but could I be troubled to clean the kitchen before the repairman came to fix our broken refrigerator?

Of course not.

I mean the place wasn't a filthy mess, but I would have done plenty of cleaning if friends or relatives were coming over. The trash and recycling needed to be taken out and dumped and there was the occasional dust bunny roaming around under the kitchen table--not to mention the load of rapidly decaying food inside the dead fridge--but apparently I couldn't be bothered.

Our handyman repair dude is a really nice fellow, but I think because he's in the service industry and is literally working for me--I technically am his boss--I didn't feel the need to be tidy.

What a bastard I yam.

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