Go ahead and run, but you sure can't hide.

I took a wrong turn whilst goofing off on the WWW and stumbled across an alarming site. It's www.ussearch.com and when I typed in my name I came up with::

which is just about everywhere I've lived since packing my Royal typewriter and Spider-man comic books and leaving home. I'm not hiding from anyone or anything like that, and you hear just about every day how anyone with a computer can find out all kinds of stuff about you, but this is the first time I've seen solid proof. The site sez that for just $20 I can get info on:

• Relatives, roommates and neighbors
• Bankruptcies, Tax liens, Small Claims Civil Judgments
• Marriage and Divorces
• Home Value and Property Ownership
• Full name and possible aliases

Suddenly I feel dirty. People are watching me. I should go mow the lawn in case anyone watching my house on Google.

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