More wireless? My Great Aunt Annie's fanny!

I just bought a new wireless computer mouse. I used to have a wireless keyboard that had a wireless mouse of its own, but I think I dropped too many doughnut sprinkles into the keyboard and it stopped working so I tossed it and plugged in an old wired keyboard I found in the closet. That meant I had to go back to a wired mouse. I can live with the old-timey keyboard but the wired mouse simply had to go. I put up with it for a couple of weeks but in the end it went out the window. It would have gone quicker if I still played games on the computer instead of consoles.

The new mouse works like a champ and while I was opening the box I started wondering if coincidentally my neighbor next door had the same exact model, if we could start commanding each other’s computer. I know I can borrow his wireless Internet connectivity on our laptop and PS3.

Not even counting cell phones, PDAs and GPS signals showering down on us, wireless technology in general still boggles my stuck-in-the-70s brain. Between cordless telephones, room fan remotes, wireless computer gear and WI-FI, and cordless video game controllers, there must be all kinds of tasteless, odorless, and possibly harmful streams of information bouncing around my house. If this were a movie, I’m almost certain that something evil would come from beams of information bombarding us from every direction.

Isn’t this how the Fantastic Four got their start? Their unshielded space ship was bombarded with unbridled remote control signals.

I wonder what my super power will be? It better not be that I get fat, because I’m already too fat.

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