Unleash the fun...

A few years ago, when it first arrived in the video stores (remember those?), I suggested that people might enjoy the Jet Li film Unleashed. Three or four of the people who took me up on my recommendation wrote to thank me ***blush***.

I see that the film has currently shown up on HBO, so now it’s easier than ever to give it a look. There is plenty of jaw-dropping martial arts action performed by the astounding Jet Li, Bob Hoskins snarling like a hungry pitbull, heart-warming scenes of Morgan Freeman patiently explaining life, love, and the ways of the world to a poor boy who has spent the majority of his life caged in cellar, and the button-cute Kerry Condon who should really be in a lot more films.

The movie was a product of the Luc Besson filmmaking machine, and was directed by Louis Leterrier (the director of the two Transporter movies, and who did a swell job on the second Incredible Hulk film).

It certainly isn’t a perfect movie, but it’s not a perfect world so I figure it all works out. Oh, and did I mention that there's an insanely cool one-on-one fight scene that takes place entirely in a two foot by four foot bathroom stall? If you enjoy the occasional action fest, give it a try.

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