Found hiding in translation...

A while back my wife and I bought the boxed set of the original BBC version of The Office. It contains all the episodes of both seasons, the Christmas Special, and a barrel of extras. Like the gluttons we are, we inhaled all four discs before we took off our coats and hats or even sat down.

Ricky Gervais' recent guest spot on the American version, and them winding up to Steve Carell's leaving the show got me interested in BBC The Office and I pulled out the boxed set. I spent a little bit of time snooping around the discs looking for hidden Easter eggs and I somehow wound up watching the first episode with the captioning turned on.
I was shocked and amazed over how much of the dialogue I’d completely missed the first time around because of the language barrier (they speak British English and I speak American English) and the speed at which they speak it.

If you own DVDs of any British shows or specials, I strongly advise you to go back and watch them again with captioning on. Even if you have a sharp ear for British accents, you might be surprised by what you're missing.

You can thank me later.

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