A two movie weekend--maybe we can sneak a third in! Woo-hoo!

We went to the theater to see 'Hanna' this weekend and were very excited. As it turns out my wife enjoyed it quite a lot but I felt unsatisfied. This could be due to my building up the potential of this film to a point it could never achieve. The movie was so much less than it could have and should have been. The second half didn't seem to live up to the first. Maybe I should write my own version and get it out of my system.

One of the very parts about seeing the horror movie 'Insidious' was that I actually got the impression it was made for me and not throngs of screaming teenaged girls who are busy texting between screams. As adult and sophisticated some of the filmmaking was, the teens will probably enjoy it as well, but there will be less time for texting. Director James Wan has grown in talent since the big splash he made with the first Saw movie. He's learned more about evoking tension and terror with sound and shadows than in-your-face mechanized terror. The end felt a bit rushed and unfinished but it was a horror film well worth seeing and the last time I felt this way about a scary movie was Sam Raimi's 'Drag Me To Hell'.

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